Evolution Of The Design For Glass Pipes

Because of the extraordinary skill level that is needed to do any type of glass work, early glass was just as valuable as gems. Glass making started as early as 3000 B.C. in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Glass was made from molten sand and other natural ingredients. For the next thousands of years, countries along the Mediterranean Sea went to the hub for master glassmakers. Back in those times, the process was very hard so pieces were very small and very expensive. They were mainly used by priests and aristocrats. Around 30 BC in Rome, glass-molding turned into glass blowing. The Romans began to shape glass when it was warm by blowing into it with a blowpipe.
Today, The ways of glasswork have come a long way since then. Eventually, Pyrex, flame working, the use of oxides, sulfides and other innovations like the inside-out pipe became regular things to use and regular things to see in the market. Glass water pipes are now a favorite for smokers and they continue to get more and more popular. Glass blowers stay challenged to continue coming up with new and innovative styles and techniques in their glass water pipes.

Glass Bongs Designed As Art
Since the beginning of glass blowing, glass blowing pipes have been used for tobacco needs. It is an all time favorite that is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. And artists are working more and more to make newer creations. Also, smokers are more than pleased for many reasons! They have options of many flavorful tobaccos, the options of the artistic feeling devices, options of highly sculpted devices and the quality of these items has significantly improved over time. Artists are always searching for another way to take these glass bongs to another level.