The Art And Craft Of Glassblowing

This molten glass can be turned into many objects from tiny art pieces to panes of glass. The two most used methods are free blowing and mold blowing. Of the two, free blowing has been used since the earliest known records for glassblowing in the first century. Physics and medicine have both relied on the skills of glass blowers to make glass apparatuses for experimentation. Glass blown products can range from tiny glass blown beads and decorative objects to scientific glass apparatuses and equipment. A lot of the time glass artists will set up at art shows, craft fairs, or host workshops. Many also have their own studios that will offer you classes and demonstrations if you are interested. At these events, you are able to buy some of these individually made products. Glass blown products are making their way into many modern designs for people to use in their homes. You might even be able to find products like glass blown lamps or sinks in your local home supply stores. There are quite a few people who are recognized as being the most amazing glass artists in the world. The top ones include:

    • Dale Chihuly
      His work is unique and often looks like large-scale sculptures. Chihuly and his team have made and sold more than $29 million in artwork. His glass work collections are in several states in notable locations like University of Wisconsin, St. Peters Church in New York City, Rockefeller Center, the Bellagio Hotel and Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle.
    • William Morris
      There aren’t many living artists who can say that they have changed the history of art, but William Morris is one of the very few. He has made all of his pieces with the intent of adding to the “architectural record of humankind.” Unlike most of the other glass artists, he is able to transform the glass into wood, bone, fiber and sinew. His work can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Corning Museum of Glass, the American Glass Museum, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Auckland Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

    • Jack Storms
      Jack Storms has made an incredibly rare type of glass artwork. He uses an intense cold-glass process. This process is able to take up to 24 labor-intensive weeks for just one project. Each piece starts with a core of lead crystal which he cuts, polishes, and laminates to create reflective mirrors. When it is wrapped in optical glass, the refraction of light makes all different colors. Then he spends hours grinding, cutting, and polishing. Two of his pieces recently appeared in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

  • Sidney Hutter
    His glass work is original and he makes sculptural glass vessels. Each piece is made by using a one-of-a-kind design style consisting of unique cutting, polishing, and laminating. His glass work is mainly three-dimensional and has become more and more technically complex over the years. His pieces are in many locations both public and private, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Renwick Gallery, the White House Craft Collection, and many Hyatt and Hilton hotels throughout the world.
  • Lino Tagliapietra
    Lino Tagliapietra has made many of the processes and techniques that are being used today in the industry. He creates his own colors that he uses only in his own work. His pieces are at many museums and galleries around the world.