What Is A Bong

A bong is generally used for smoking tobacco. A bong works and looks similar to a hookah or shisha pipe. Bongs are much smaller than hookahs though and you are able to take bongs more places than you could a hookah. A bong is typically used to inhale tobacco. For a bong to work properly you will need an air and water tight item that has a place for you to store your mix. It will also need a stem so that it is able to connect the air and water systems.

It will also have a little hole which can also be called a “carb”. When you are trying to fill the bong up with smoke you will need to cover the carb with your finger and that is when you begin to inhale into the bong. This will make the bong fill up with smoke. This is when you should take your finger off of the carb and inhale the smoke that was made. Before you use the bong you need to pack it up with the tobacco that you will be smoking and then fill it with water. The bowl will be put at the end of the down stem, and when you light the bowl you will inhale from the top mouthpiece while you keep the carb covered. You will then start to hear bubbling noises of the water that you put in the bong and you will see smoke start to show up in the bong chamber. Once the bong has a good amount of smoke built up in the chamber, the stem is pulled out of the bong this way the remaining smoke can go into your lungs. The water in the bongs can trap some heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, which will keep them from entering into your airways. Bongs can be made from glass, acrylic, ceramic and even wood. There are a couple different types of bongs that vary in material and features including:

  • Percolator Bongs.

    These are bongs that have two chambers. A smaller chamber is actually inside the main chamber. The point of having the two chambers is so that the bong is able to filter out the smoke at a much greater level than normal bongs can. This means that you will have a much more enjoyable smoking experience. They also make bongs with multiple chambers which again will just increase the amount of filtering and this will make a nicer smoke.

  • Ice Bongs.

    Ice bongs are a favorite type of bong with many smokers because it has a cooling effect with the ice on the smoke. This will let you have a drag that is not too harsh and that will make it more enjoyable. The ice bongs have an ice notch which is a place where you can hold the ice to cool the smoke before it goes up the stem where you will inhale it.